using command line eraserl


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I am trying to append an eraser job to my system maintenance bat file. When I leave the computer, I start maintenance script. After other things are done, eraser must start, and after it finishes, the system must shut down.

I am using this command:
"eraserl -disk all"
this erases, but gives a report after it finishes, and waits user to press "ok". Since eraserl does not return, the next statement
"shutdown -s"
does not get to run. If I do
"eraserl -disk all -silent"
eraser complaints as : -silent and -results are mutually exclusive.
and it does not run. How to fix this?

Another option would be setting eraser to shutdown after finishing. The gui tasks of eraser has this option, but I could not see it in command line eraserl...

Thank in advance

Eraser version: 5.86, WinXP SP2.
I can't duplicate your problem. I passed the exact same command line and nothing is awry... Could you try the latest Beta?