Using Eraser Led to Hard Drive Being 96% Full


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I admit I am not computer savvy, but I wanted to erase the personal/sensitive information on my PC so that I could give it to a family I know in need (for their kids). I downloaded eraser and "erased" all my folders and files (documents, music, pictures). I also erased the recycle bin. I deleted internet files (history, cookies, etc.) After that I did some "cleaning," uninstalling programs I did not think the new users would need. Then I defragged the computer. At that point it had a normal amount of used/unused hard drive considering my usage (maybe 40% used to 60% unused).

After that I wanted to be extra sure that none of my personal banking or other information ever floated around, so after that I erased the "unused disk space." (All the while I've been using the Eraser User Guide to help me figure out how to do this.) Then, feeling like I knew what I was doing I encrypted the page file (using a command prompt) (because I could not erase it - it would not work per the internet instructions). I decided to check to see what the hard drive looked like, and do some more clean up if necessary, and saw that the hard drive was now 96% full, only 4% free space! I don't know how or why this happened? And I cannot donate a computer if no one can download a thing on it! I cannot even try to defrag again, as that requires 15% free space.

Can I undo this? Can I free more space on the hard drive?

Oh - I might add that I cannot reformat, I dont think, because I lost the recovery disk. I tried to ask HP for another one, but as the computer is over 5 years old, HP said it no longer has this disk.

Please please help!
Thank you!
This problem is easily fixed. Use the link in my signature to go to the FAQ, and read the 'sticky' post on Common Eraser problems. It's all explained there.