Using Eraser on an SSD


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I have a Crucial MX-100 240GB SSD. It was originally installed in a failed Dell desktop. I had cloned my Windows installation to it, set it as boot drive, and rebooted. Once Windows was booting from is, I used Windows Disk Management to carve out a raw partition on the drive, then installed Ubuntu from a bootable thumb drive. Ubuntu's installer saw the raw slice, formatted it ext4, and installed Ubuntu on it. The result was a multi-boot system using grub2.

The MX-100 is currently a secondary drive in the new desktop, and I'd like to repeat what I did before. But I need to effectively wipe the entire drive and reset to factory default. Crucial doesn't supply a way of doing that, and Acronis True Image bundled with it that I used to clone Windows to the SSD doesn't seem to either.

The problem is the partitions. Windows Disk Management won't let me remove them, so I need to nuke the entire drive.

I don't care about a "secure" erase. I have no sensitive data on the drive I'm worried about being recoverable. I simply want to wipe the entire drive and start fresh, and something like writing binary 1s to every location on the drive would do it.

Has anyone here used Eraser to do something like this?