Using Eraser with Network Files


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Hello everybody, the company, where I am working, is evaluating Eraser Program to use it in a enterprise environment and we are concerned about how eraser manages Network Files and Network Storage Units. Could anybody explain, if it is possible that Eraser Program damage a Network Storage unit deleting network files?
It could be possible to inhibit this functionality?

Thank you very much
It won't damage network storage, it'll just use up all available network bandwidth if you are erasing files remotely. And erasing files remotely does not guarantee that the erased file will be erased cleanly (I doubt there are any fixed correlation between files viewed by the remote computer and the data on the physical disk). Erasing files with eraser is indistinguishable from writing the file to disk.

The security is brought to PCs because locally the system will tend (I cannot give a 100% guarantee) to write to the same sectors which are in use by the file being erased. This is the foremost assumption when erasing the data off the disk.