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I don't have internet access on the pc that I want to erase. Can I download from my current pc and use it on the other?

Yes you can download the Eraser installer, copy it to a flash drive etc and install it on any windows PC.
My old computer (1996-Windows 95 era) doesn't have USB connections and is not on the internet. It does have a CD-ROM drive. Is there a way to copy Eraser from my newer computer onto a CD and then use it on the old computer to erase files? Which folder/files would I copy off my downloaded Eraser (v.5.7)?
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Download the Eraser 5.7 installer onto your new computer. Write it to a CD.

Take the CD and place it in the old computer and run the installer.
Thanks Overwriter,
Now if only I knew how to find Eraser "Installer." I have downloaded Eraser 5.7, but I can't find any file labeled "Eraser Installer." Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I can find Eraser Setup, but not "Installer." Help!

Installer / setup pretty much the same thing, sorry I wasn’t clear on that ! :oops:

I have just come back to this thread, what are you wanting to do talex5 ?

Are you wanting to Erase individual files on your old computer or do you want to completely wipe the entire drive ?

If you are wanting an entire drive wipe then DBAN might be better for you.
Thanks again!
I got it copied onto a CD. The rest should be downhill. Thanks to the entire Eraser Team for what you all do. It's much appreciated!
Hi talex5 ?

I edited my previous post while you were posting, have you read the bit about DBAN ?
I have the same problem. I downloaded Eraser to my zip drive, but there is no Install or Setup file - only Uninstall. I can't get it to work on the computer I want to Erase. What should I do? Thx.