[v5, v6] Why are there intact files after an erasure?


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Perhaps after you have erased a file with Eraser you check that the file indeed can't be recovered by any recovery program, and then you try running one.

Then you are shocked that the program finds lots of files which are "intact" and "recoverable".

Don't panic!

Eraser 5:
Eraser 5 will overwrite all files after an erasure with a randomly chosen System file in your Windows directory as part of its "plausible deniability" feature. It is these files that you see can be recovered, your original data should be gone.

Eraser 6:
If you did not turn the Plausible Deniability feature On in the Eraser Settings dialog, and the files which are intact are the files you intended to erase, report this as a bug immediately! However, if you did turn on the Plausible Deniability feature and specified files to use as decoys, the files which are intact should be any one from those in the list you specified.

I did not turn on the "replace erased files with following files to allow Plausible denialibility"
I erased the entire external ( connected with USB cable) drive and all of the files are still there intact.
I got a " completed with errors" result.
This is also what I get when I try to erase my recycle bin, "completed wtih errors.
I am using 6.0.6 version.
What does the task log say?
Right-click the task, click on View Task Log. Select the log entries and copy and paste in a new topix.