[v5] Why do I have reduced Free Space After Using Eraser?


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If you have used the wipe free space option in Eraser and subsequently noticed that your “free space” has dramatically reduced then try one or all of the following.

Search your computer for the following file and delete it.


Delete and disable system restore.

Empty your Recycle Bin.

Run Eraser wipe free space again.

Make sure you have the latest version of Eraser by checking here.
Hmm, it works for me. Perhaps your ISP hasn't got the new DNS records?

Using 5.86.1 on a different computer without problems. I tried all suggestions, have latest version, could not find erafswd.tmp, system restore (also experienced todays date as ONLY selection), empty recycle bin and reran Eraser...still no space freed up.

Would like to try this but uncertain on how to ???? get to root drive

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by Joel » Fri Jan 22, 2010 5:25 pm

There's a folder in the root of your drive with a random filename and with random filenames inside, with files of a constant size which is using your space. Delete that.

Not a very computer saavy so sorry if this is too basic, but need help. Thanks
If you're using v5 it's always ~erafswd.tmp. If you can't find it run chkdsk to check for disk errors. (Windows key + r, cmd, enter, chkdsk /f C:\ or whatever drive you ran the erase on) If the space doesn't re-appear, some other program may be using the file, or a file on the disk could have used up the space (which then you could find files by size and delete the largest one -- only if you know what you're deleting)
Sorry for confusion, not using version 5 on computer with issues, but version 6.0.6. is there a different file I should be looking for with the later version? Also, ran the chkdsk with out the /f and now cannot run with the /f. I get the message "Chkdsk cannot run because volume is in use by another process. Also, do not have a system restore point prior to this problem. I'm hoping to get back the free space as I'm virtually crippled to do anything on that computer. Suggestions?
Delete the folder which contains a randomly-named name, containing random filenames (quite a few dozen) with most of them either <1KB or all of a constant size. That's your folder with missing space.
Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help. You are a very nice & patient man. My computer is fixed now. Thank you! :D
your reply answered my question too and I successfully recovered 120GB of space I had no idea where it had gone to!!!

Can you tell me why this happens and why the file names are so random and in different places?
Well, in short, other programs (anti virus, search indexer etc) that Eraser has no control over may lock the file after it is used, so Eraser can't clean up after itself.
Re: [v5] Why do I have reduced Free Space After Using Eraser

I am frustrated!
First, it would be very helpful if you could give examples of where the folders could be- instead of just saying root! So many users have asked you this, yet you just emphasise the word root. Highly technical forums give ideas to people- save you! Don't know why!

What is a root folder? Does it sound funny to be asking this. But sometimes people of other professions do use computers! I am a doctor and was trying to securely erase patients data but lost all my free space and your repeated attempts at directing to the FaQs are not helpful!

I found a randomly named folder in my c drive but even after multiple times deleting it, the files just re appear? The files are no less than 221 mb! Couldn't find 1kb files . Could you give proper hints at where the folder could be. And why these random files reappear!?

I can't even uninstall eraser as my disk has no space to perform actions?

Please try to help instead of just repeating what's written above as that has not proved useful!

Don't make it all the more irritating by a root folder reply!
Re: [v5] Why do I have reduced Free Space After Using Eraser

So, I found out that the files I had originally tried to delete are still there. When I try to delete those, whether through windows or through DoS , the files just reappear. Even when I try to delete the randomly named folder in C:\ it just reappears- even if I delete the files seperately!!
The files just won't go, Eraser won't uninstall- and I am stuck with a system unable to do any work!
Re: [v5] Why do I have reduced Free Space After Using Eraser

Please could you repost this query in the Support forum; I originally missed it here. When you do so, please could you give the name of the folder you are trying to delete, and a couple of sample file names. I want to be sure that we are working on the correct folder before I advise further.

Re: [v5] Why do I have reduced Free Space After Using Eraser


Thanks for your response. My bad that I did not use the support forum; with EraserFAQ all over I just presumed it had to be asked here. I had to reformat my hard disk to make my computer usable so dont have any details any further.