Vacuum cleaner in folder


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Hi. I`m no native English-speaker, so please forgive my language :)
I have a tricky thing in mind, don`t know how to implement this with maximum comfort. So my idea is to create a single file, which can be executed in folder with files to erase, and it will start Erasing all the data in this folder with predefined preferences (method of erasing, including subfolders etc.). The main condition is to use non-installed version of Eraser. By this time I understood that it can be made by using three files: eraserl.exe, eraser.dll and some cmd-file with properties, and these all three files I have to move to folder. :roll: Is there any way to "glue together" this bunch of files in one? Maybe some compiler can do this? I`m not a programmer and just don`t know how to do this. Thank you :D
You only need eraserl. Type Eraserl without any command line options to find out more.