Verification that erasing works on Ubuntu linix, under Wine


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I have recently started using the Ubuntu Linix OS (, but I then discovered that no one has created a simple to use Graphic User Interface (GUI) based secure data deletion tool. Everything under Linux users a cryptic command-line method to securely delete files and this mechanism is far from being user friendly/transparent/easy to use etc.

Now I have installed Wine ( that fortunately allows Eraser to run, but I not sure if everything functions well under Wine and wanted to know if anyone has any ideas to verify if files and free space are truely being erased, when eraser is being used under Wine?

Plus I think Heidi would be well placed to, much to it's potential kudos, if it created a GUI version of Eraser for the likes of Ubuntu and other Linux versions and it seems very puzzling that no one has created such for Linux......
Re: Verification that erasing works on Ubuntu linix, under W

Eraser is currently a Windows-only project, and I think that the team are finding that quite enough of a challenge! I don't suppose that Eraser handles hard drives in the Linux formats, for example, though I can't say that I know for sure. Incidentally, Eraser is basically an open source project hosted by Heidi; all the work is done on a volunteer basis.

The best way, IMO, of checking whether an erase has worked is to run a file recovery program on the target drive. There may be such programs for Linux; alternatively, you may be able to run a Windows program (with limitations) under Wine.

If you are dual-booting with Windows, you can, for instance, use Linux natively to delete files which Windows is inappropriately protecting (the usual health warnings apply!), and then use Eraser back in Windows to wipe the free space on the drive.

Re: Verification that erasing works on Ubuntu linix, under W

Well, to Linux devs, usually the UI is last on their minds (wink wink snigger snigger.)

Eraser was never designed to work with Linux, if it works, so be it, but otherwise, use at your own risk. Notably, Eraser 6 doesn't support any file systems other than NTFS and FAT. ext2/3/4 may have a different set of requirements from NTFS and your erase may not be as secure.