"Verify Errors" on WD My Passport Essentials SE.


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I got a new 1TB Western Digital "My Passport SE" portable USB3.0 hard drive. It had preloaded junk on it and I wanted to wipe it clean before using it.

Connected it to a USB2.0 port, booted up UBCD and launched DBAN 2.2.6 (beta).

It's at 09:54:30 runtime right now with 24:19:39 remaining.

Entropy: Linux Kernel (random)
PRNG: Mersenne Twister (mt19937ar-cok)
Method: PRNG Stream
Verify: All Passes
Rounds: 1

It's at 30.04%, round 1 of 1, pass 1 of 1

and it's showing:
[verify errors: 4] [verifying] [31896 Ks]

Should I return this drive or is it ok.
Unfortunately, DBAN hasn't been maintained by the original developer for a long time coming and has not returned to the forum since. Though chances are, from experience, that this sounds like a drive problem.