Verify won't compile, Debug Assertions Fail, and more...


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Hi, I am currently making modifications to the source code for a specific use. I am using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 and I am having the following problems:

1. Verify will not compile.
UPDATE: Got Verify to compile. My include paths were messed up.

2. After I build the entire solution and run Eraser.exe, I get the following messages:

Debug Assertion Failed!
File Winctrl2.cpp
Line 1395

Debug Assertion Failed!
File docsingl.cpp
Line 213

Then when I exit the program I get
Debug Assertion Failed!
File bartool.cpp
Line 1500

3. After a custom method is created by the user, where is it stored on disk? Does not seem to be stored in default.ers.

4. When the user opens the eraser preferences dialogue, where does the program retrieve the most recently selected method? It seems like it highlights the most recent one, even if the program has been stopped and restarted. Is this true even after system shutdown and restart? What is the purpose of the DEFAULT_FILE_METHOD_ID in the file Pass.h?

Please help.
>> I am currently making modifications to the source code for a specific >>use.
Interesting what use? Is it something that can be added to the current eraser version?

We use VS2005. If you can update all will compile correctly.

The answers to your other questions are all in the source code.

same problem

Hey Garret, I recently tried to compile the source in VS 2003 as well. I made a picture of the assertion failures.


The first 3 (top 3) assertions pop-up before the program starts.
The next 4 pop-up when the program is exited.

Any clue as of what would be causing these assertions?

debug assertions and questions

Garrett, I am actually modifying the software to place restrictions on what the user can do. My office wants a quick eraser tool where the user doesn't have to make any selections, other than the files or dirs he wants to delete. I also created a new one-pass built-in method that encodes the system date onto the three bytes that are used to overwrite the files. This will be the only method the user will be allowed to run.

As for my two earlier questions, I had already looked through much of the source code but was still unable to figure out where the info was stored. Can you be more specific?

You can ignore the assertion failures.

Look in options.cpp line 55 loadLibrarySettings(LibrarySettings *pls)

The key library stores the data.

DEFAULT_FILE_METHOD_ID - This is just for when there is no custom methods. Internal default bookmark.