Version on Win XP -- Free space issue


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First time user. My backup PC was run to clean "free space" and after a couple of hours completed and had pleanty of free space on the 320 gig HD as before I ran Erase. However, on my primary PC with a 1TB HD after running for hours and being very slow while checking email I shut it down (a mistake in hindsight -- didn't see a pause button), but when I checked my free space in defrag it was "0%" -- should have been around 94% free. Looked for the temp file mentioned in other posts but couldn't find it. I will try to run it again overnight to completion and hope that it will self correct and delete its' temp files, but if not I will need some help to manually identify their location so I can delete the files manually. I used the default settings.

System restore appeared to have an extra 750 gigs but turning it off didn't help. Also,"Tune up "found them in unneeded files and said it deleted them but they were still there. I eventually found them in a folder "pH[gpLpqwBp!vpUh" it had 3,5xx files with 221,xxx megs in each and a manual delete cleared them all. I now have 755 gigs of free space. Posted just in case someone else has this problem.
Glad you found the issue. It is fully documented in the FAQ (link below). General information of use to new users is also available there.

Since 6.0.7. was released, Joel has done a great deal of work on the issues Eraser sometimes has when erasing free space (especially on a system drive), and the development builds seem much more stable in that regard.

Thanks for the info. It happened on a 3rd computer after Erase "completed with errors". This time I went directly to my root (C) directory and there was a new folder "[..... " with tons of 221meg files. Deleted them manually and everything was fine.
That's exactly what I'd expect, and you did exactly the right thing.