Very bad issue erasing free space


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Erasing free space on one of my drives (400G) the process shut down on an error (famous Windows popup asking if you want to send an error report).
Now a hudge part of the files are just empty! Explorer shows the names and sizes but when In open them with UltraEdit I find just a lot of zeros. What is interesting is that all the archive files (zip, rar and so on) are still OK.
Any comments on that?
Not entirely clear about what your saying your problem is, but would I be correct in saying that after wiping free space some of the files (that should not have been touched) on your hard drive have become corrupted?

If that is the case, there is a known bug with v5.80 - v5.81 when using the erase first and last 2k on free space wipe.

It is recommended that you upgrade to v5.82. Sadly this bug was only mentioned on the forum and not prominently on the eraser web page where more people would see it.