Very Fast and then (almost full stop)


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I'm running Win7 64 bit. Erasing the unused hard drive (920 Gb). Eraser ran 3.5 hours and cleaned 905 Gb and then stopped (I think). 24 hours later it is adding 1 kb/sec to a random file on the root drive ... don't know how long it's been doing this, but at that rate I will be much older before it cleans the remaining unused 5.5 Gb on the drive. Reading some of the earlier posts suggests that I caused the problem by launching IE or the task manager while Eraser was running. What I want to try is to stop Eraser and then restart it so it can get a fresh start on what is left to clean on the drive. Do you think that's a good approach or should I just let Eraser keep chugging along? Thanks for your help. Fred