VERY slow disk wipe times


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I've tried the free space wiper which I've used happily before took a few hours to wipe but now when I try to do it on new system (Windows XP Pro, Q6600, Raptor and/or WD 250 gig drive) I'm getting write speeds of < 200 bits/sec, taking MULTIPLE hours just to complete 25% of one pass.

Any ideas? Tips? Suggestions? All up to date drivers, I've got no issues with any other app, very fast access/writes on everything else, full admin access, no virus scan enabled.

Nothing's changed how we deal with files, unless there is a possibility which we no longer do cached writes to disk. I wasn't around when 5.7 was the version to use so I don't know. Were you using 5.7 before?

Don't know what version I was using but was getting FAR better then a few hundred bits/sec.

Should be 15+ mb/sec on a raptor drive not 12 kbits.
How did you measure the write speed?
Interesting - Can you see if you can make an application dump? If you can't, hmm. I'll have to assume it's because Eraser writes directly to disk without passing through buffers. This is supposed to make sure the file is wiped before the file moves away, but... Hmm. It certainly is interesting.

BTW, are you using SATA with the AHCI BIOS and stuff all on, i.e. using NCQ et al?

Could you try disabling AHCI and see if that resolves the problem? I'm using AHCI as well and I don't see it occurring. I believe your motherboard uses the same AHCI controller as I do, but please do check.

Also ensure that your BIOS and drivers are up to date.

The reason I'm not immediately diving into the code is because the code uses Windows constructs only and deals with files like Windows programs normally would.