Virus or Program?


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I installed your program this morning to wip thje free space on my hard drive. Now half my programs won't work or won't work correctly (Outlook, Word, Explorer, java), none of the icons on my desktop has a name nor can I input a name (all text associated functions have ceased to work correctly) nor do any of the icons in Windows Explorer have names anymore. I know somehow you're going to tell me this is my fault and if I had you here right now I'd toss you out a window, but I'm going to put all that aside and suggest you allow for a rollback function. Understandably this would defeat the purpose of an erase function, but all of the necessary information could be contained in a file which could be stored offsite, or the rollback function could be toggleable. Not all of us are trying to hide porn when we wipe free space, so rolling back ins't as undesireable as you might think. Thanks for nothing, then again, I guess you get what you pay for. Oh, and don't try sending me an e-mail, as of right now I can't f***ing get any.