Vista Question


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Hello, everyone.
I have been a user of Eraser, and bragging on it all over the place, for about seven years, now.
I believe that it was 2001 when I first used it, when it was being developed by someone else...SourceForge, I think.
I've used it on W95, W98, WME, W2K, and WXP.
I've been using 5.7, which I believe is really 5.6, ever since it came out.
Well, I've read and read about the issues that people have been having since 5.8 was released, and I've never...repeat NEVER...had a problem with all!
...but, I've been using 5.7 all this time.
Well, I bought a laptop day before yesterday, and it came with Windows Vista Basic, SP1, installed.
It is 32-bit.
Now, I'm wondering which Eraser I can safely...and, hopefully, joyously use on my new machine.
Can anyone advise me on this, please?
Thank you for your consideration,
Thanks, jackjack.
I've downloaded 5.86a, and am probably going to install it after I read a little more.
Like I said, I've used Eraser for years, but the past few upgrades have given me cause for pause, after reading of the Eraser woes of other folks.
Do you think my fears are grounded?