Vista Recycle Bin Problems


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I've just upgraded an Acer laptop running Windows XP Media Centre to Vista Home Premium. Using Eraser V5.82 to erase files seems to work without a problem but when trying to erase the recycle bin I always get a message stating that the recycle bin is empty when it clearly is not. I uninstalled V 5.82 and tried V 5.83 Beta but get the same problem.

Does anyone else have this issue?


Yes I am also having the same problem in Vista Ultimate. I can erase through the right click menu option, but right clicking on the Recycle Bin to erase it contents always says that the recycle bin is empty even when it is not. Because of the recycle bin issue I have not had the guts to try the Erase free space option which I used in XP fairly often.

I posted another message in the Eraser Suggestions forum suggesting a fully Vista compatible version. There was also another message from kussi in this forum on January 7 mentioning the Recycle Bin problem in Vista Business RTM that was responded to by another user having the same issue. This is a problem that is affecting all Vista users from the looks of it.

The only post I can find by an admin of the forum on the subject was in response to a post by jsmith79 on November 23, 2006 in which he asked if Eraser was going to be compatible with Vista and the admin replied as follows:

>Posted: Fri Nov 24, 2006 6:57 am Post subject: Reply with quote
>We will update eraser for Vista when it is released in Q1 next year.
>Hopefully the update should be reasonably seamless.

Hopefully the post from Garrett means a new version of Eraser that is Vista compatible is on the way. I hope so as I love this program.

Thanks, JRW
Tested out new beta in Vista

The recycle bin problem seems to be gone in the new 5.83 beta version. I used the 5.83 beta version to erase the content of the recycle bin in Vista several times and it always works fine for me. The 5.83 beta version did not give out a report when it finished erasing the recycle bin like I remember Eraser 5.82 doing in XP.

I have noticed that sometimes when I right click to erase a file or group of files that it fails with a message similar to the following:

Erased area = 0 bytes
Cluster tips = 0 bytes

Data written = 0 bytes
Write time = 0.00 s

Failed: C:\test_1.txt (Administrator privileges required)
Failed: C:\test_2.txt (Administrator privileges required)
Failed: C:\test_3.txt (Administrator privileges required)

Other times the 5.83 beta version seems to erase fine with no error message when right click on a file or group of files to erase them.

I am always logged into Vista Ultimate the same way and am a password protected administrator.

Hope this helps, JRW
We no longer show a report after erasing the recycle bin unless there is an error.

On the permissions issue we are still investigating.