Visual Basic Problem Trying to Install Eraser


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The latest version of Eraser fails to install on my PC (Windows XP Home). I get repeated messages saying that a module is missing (vcredist.exe). I have checked that this module is something to do with Visual Basic C++. I don't know if I have Visual Basic C++ on my PC or even if I need it. Can anyone help??

Thanks, This installation was successful, except when I use Eraser I cannot access the Help facility (F1 Help). When I press F1 I receive a message saying Help is not available. Any ideas?
The version I linked to is a release candidate and as such doesn’t have a help file.

I just thought it better that you had a version that you could load and play with rather than nothing.

It is a fully functioning version in all other respects so I suggest you simply play around with it and learn that way. If there are specific questions you want to ask then use the forum and I will try to help you out.

The full release of Eraser should be out soon.