VMDK Recovery Tool - Repair VMware VMDK File Corruption

If you have some damaged or corrupted Virtual Machine Disk Files then you can repair and restore these files with the help of the Cigati VMDK Recovery Tool. This software is one of the advanced techniques to fix the corruption from VMDK files. It supports all the different file systems of VMDK files such as, FAT/ FAT16/ FAT32/ FAT64/ NTFS/ HFS+/ EXTX. Apart from this, it offers some of the following advanced functionalities that will help to optimize the recovery process.

1. You can recover the corrupt VMDK files of both Fixed and Dynamic Disk types.
2. It allows users to retrieve the data from Split, Sparse, Flat, or even Descriptor VMDK files.
3. It is embedded with dual modes of scanning that will detect the severe issues associated with your file.
4. It is compatible to recover the VMDK files from MBR and GUID partition tables.
5. Also, it facilitates opting from the Standard, Advanced, and Deep recovery modes to fix the severely damaged VMDK files.

To know more, you can try its free trial version that will allow you to analyze the performance of this utility.