WARNING - Serious problem with 5.8.6 and 5.8.7 on USB drives


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This is my second post about this problem because it just happened again. This time I tried to erase a folder with a few subfolders on an external USB hard drive. The program hung and would not terminate via the STOP button. I could not kill PDExplorer and had to reboot. When I went back to the folder there was a 62GB! file there. The original folder contained about 60MB. From now on I'm using sdelete. It works fine without ever hanging up. I created a batch file that I can access through the explorer context menu to delete any file or folder.
Please do not double-post in future.

Chances are, the file is a sparse, encrypted or NTFS compressed file. Eraser always had problems with these kinds of files but I could never pinpoint the problem. v6 should have this problem prevented (by preventing the file from being erased as behind the scenes the erase is going on using low-level access)