Weird Eraser Problem

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Whenever I erase I folder with files in it, it doesn't matter what the files that are being erased are, there is always a weird problem with Eraser. When erasing via the context menu, that folder's contents do get erased. However, the folder does not, in fact, after erasing, files that were not originally in it are now there; _BLOCK.WB4, msaatext.dll, and other seemingly random files. I am using version 5.84. Any ideas?

I am sorry, your post seems to have been missed for quite some time !

Well you do sound to be having a strange problem. Did you know that Eraser 5.84 does a final pass with a randomly chosen DLL ? It sounds like this is not being deleted afterwards on your computer.

If you don’t mind testing something out would you like to test the latest Beta for Eraser ? Remember this is a Beta but Joel (the guy that fixed it) has done a superb job so far and I personally use this version now without any problems.

You first need to completely uninstall the previous version of Eraser. Make sure you remove eraser.dll from system32. Then install this Beta.

Please post back and let us know if this solves your problem and I am sorry for your long wait for a reply.


Thanks Overwriter. I have done what you suggested and installed the beta. However, that did not solve the issue I am having. There seems to be no difference between the beta version and 2.84

Let me try and explain what is going on. Whenever I try to erase a directory, Eraser's results page popup up and tells me that all the data was not able to be erased. Then I open that directory. Sometimes the structure is intact, sometimes it is not. For instance I use CDRTFE, an open source disc burning program. There are no reg entries associated with CDRTFE, so I know the the C:\Program Files\cdrtfe folders fuctions independently. If I copy that entire folder to anywhere on my disk and then try to erase that entire folder, at the end of the 'erase' there are files in there that were not there originally but seems to have been create during the erasing process.

Also, this does not seem to be limited to 5.84. I have reverted to other versions and have had the same results.
This is a strange one !

I am stuck. Could you have some sort of backup software making a copy in its own format or something ?

Do you have access to another computer where you can install Eraser and test it ? I really think this problem is unique to your system. I hate to say this but a reinstall may be required. But before this could you list what OS you are using and all the programs you have running please ?

Does this happen with word docs for example ? Make a test folder and copy loads of .docs in there and try to erase that.

Garrett did raise this up to me. Some overenthusiastic antivirus programs may lock the "temporary" DLL files copied by eraser at the end of the erase and won't let any one touch it (especially if the DLL file is infected or something).

We are yet to think of a workaround though.

Bug this please :)

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