Western Digital 200 GB HDD


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1. DBAN 1.06
2. CD ROM - (will be using)
3. Self built - P4 3.0, 1GB RAM, Win XP Pro CE SP 2 (non-stamped)
4. No Error Message Yet

5. I will be attempting to nuke my Western Digital 200 GB HDD. However, I read the FAQ's that caught my attention:

"Why did my large hard disk shrink to 128 gigabytes after running DBAN?"

Does this mean I have to revert back to SP1 or install to a 128 GB partition or else my HDD will shrink to 128 GB?

And is it known that non-stamped Win OS install CD's will have issues?


Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 will be able to use the entire hard disk at installation time.