What am I doing wrong?


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Check this out. I created a "new folder" in the root of my hard drive. Looked like this:

C:\New Folder

I then Saved a short video from the internet into this new folder. Then I right clicked on this movie, and choose to erase it. In the options under ERASER in the FILE options, I choose the 35 pass method. I select ok. It takes about 30 seconds to erase. I get the progress bar, etc..etc..and a message saying it completed when it was finished. I rebooted my system, and used Disk Investigator to do a search for the file. (By filename)

It didn't take 10 seconds before it had found at least one entry with the exact filename (and even the correct extension such as .avi,.mpg,etc..etc)

I click on that and select "locate" and it just shows me a bunch of what looks like jibberish, (like hex code or something) and in there, plain as day I can see the filename of the movie I just 35pass wiped.

What am I doing wrong? I use XP Pro with all the SP's and upgrades. Using Eraser 5.7 as well. Thanks for any help.
If you downloaded the file from the web, then your browser quite likely stored the filename somewhere on your hard drive (history, cache, wherever). That doesn't mean the file itself wasn't erased.