What do you like about Eraser?


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I thought it would be fun to have a thread dedicated to what you like about Eraser.

Heres what I like:

1) Relatively bug free
2) Non-intrusive user interface - when Im not using it, I dont even know its installed (except for the useful right-click menu items, which are great). I always disable the scheduler, so I never have it running.
3) Great feature set - does everything I would want an eraser to do (erase files, folders, filenames, alternate data paths, cluster slack space, unused disk space), and thankfully doesnt try to do anything more
4) Compact code
5) Small download (could be smaller though :)
6) Doesnt install a bunch of junk on my computer
7) It has an uninstaller that actually works
8) Doesnt have conflicts with other apps
9) Fairly fast (maybe could be a little faster :)
10) Extremely stable
11) No processes running in the background (if you disable the scheduler)
12) Works on a variety of different operating systems and disk formats
13) No nags, ads, spyware, splashscreens or other nonsense
14) Source code is included for peer review and self-compiles
15) Friendly authors :)

Wow! Thats a lot to like! Many thanks to Sami and Garrett!
Ill add:

1) FREE!!! (though I have donated)
2) One of the few applications that implements Gutmann
3) One of the few applications that properly implements 7-pass DoD 5220.22M
4) Documentation that fully explains the implementation of each erasing protocol
5) Cluster tip erasing
6) Good support for most versions of Windows including XP

Im sure there are many others that Im not thinking of.
quote:Originally posted by Dave

Im sure there are many others that Im not thinking of.

Peace of mind. [:I]
1. Free.
2. Actually works, unlike some others [V]
3. Orderly right click function.
4. The interface doesnt get in my way.
5. Did I mention its free? [:D]
6. Doesnt cause hang ups or conflicts.
7. Doesnt hog system resources like Norton does.

Like EraserBuddy, I agree that its very stable. I agree with nearly every comment here. Its a great product, and I LOVE the price. So much stuff you have to pay for is buggy (Hear THAT Billy-Boy?). Havent found one bug yet.
Sounds great. *But* I am not a computer whiz, so think I can learn how to use it? Im just a regular guy who thinks I might someday have a use for this program, but like I say, totally computer illiterate. Im mainly into mp3 music, email, groups, lists, and just browsing the web.
Whatcha think?
Thats one of the great things about eraser. For beginners, just install it, and then right click on a file name in Windows Explorer (and many other programs, BTW) and select the eraser option to wipe the file. Thats it. Nothing to it. You can delete directories ("folders") the same way. Keep in mind that there is no "undo", so dont erase something unless you mean it.

And the docs/faqs/help are well written, so you can learn more over time if you get interested.