What does Erase Unused Space do?


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I want to sell my computer and so ran a fresh install of Windows XP using the built in Windows Complete Recovery option (i.e. I do not have and so did not install using a CD). This overwrote the previous Windows installation. I am quite paranoid and I am also aware that this option does not completely erase everything, and that data is still recoverable if someone is determined enough. Basically, I just want to destroy all that previous data completely. I cannot wipe the drive completely as that will also wipe the operating system, and I do not have a CD to reinstall. I have installed Eraser on to the computer and noticed the option Erase Unused Disk Space. Am I right in saying that this will satisfy my needs?
This is a significant topic. You will find a great deal on it in the FAQ, so please forgive me for just referring you to that.