What happens to the file? I stopped it


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I was erasing a folder that contained a huge audio file. the transfer window said it would take about 90mins which I didn’t have time to wait for so I hit stop. But now the recycle bin is empty.

My question is:
how do I make sure this file is erased off the drive? Would wiping the free space on the drive remove the unfinished fragments of this file that never finished? or is it now basically a lost sector that I will never get back?

What happens to a file when you stop the shreader?

Most likley the file was partially wiped and got deleted by the OS.
If it had already completed some passes of the file then you are probably ok. Otherwise you need to do a freespace erase.

Ok, that’s cool
I was worried that the partial file would be more like a lost cluster on a hard drive not letting me erase the other half.

If wiping the free space cleans up any of that then I'll do it.
Thank you!