What is 'Default'?


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Hi. I am currently running Eraser on my laptop using the 'default' overwrite method. I know that DoD 3 and others are also available. Can you tell me what the 'default' method is... and how that level of security compares to Gutmann and DoD etc?
You set the default methods for erasing files and free space on the Settings page of the Eraser application. By default (pun entirely intended), they are the Gutmann (35 pass) for wiping files and single pass pseudorandom data for erasing free space. I happen to believe that Gutmann is overkill and have changed my default file wiping method to HMG IS5 (3 pass).

Current sentiments are that anything beyond one pass is unnecessary, so, for most people, they are as secure as the Gutmann method. HOWEVER, this only applies to modern disks (> 2003, using PRML recording IIRC) and old drives like those Gutmann designed his erasure method for would still be affected.
Joel's caveat is important; I'm sorry I forgot to mention it in my previous post. That said, not many of us are using 7+ year old hard drives to store sensitive (= important) data ...