What is the future roadmap of Eraser?


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What is the roadmap for major future releases and what would be the new features/changes with those releases?
Collecting feature requests. Getting more GOOD programmers if possible.

TBH we don't know. So many people are using it, Garrett is dealing with so many support requests it's taking up a large amount of his time. I don't like dealing with people who can't RTFM (and trust me, one is too many, this forum has seen MANY more than one.)

I don't mind writing code and solving bugs. As a matter of fact I LOVE it. But this is really eating too much into our time and I won't know if v6 will simply be a figment of our imagination. Garrett has to support a family, I need to study for my college examinations and I have other applications which I have to write personally for my own use. Unfortunately, unless we actually get COMMERCIAL support this project will EVENTUALLY lose out to commercially-supported freeware (a la recuva/ccleaner).

The reason is simple. People who are using it for profit (for all we know) are not obligated to offer us any support. Donations haven't been coming in as far as I know. We are people too, if you haven't realised!