what is the last non .net version and where to get it?


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Hi, I'm using eraser about 3 years now, but since it needs net, I'm not upgrading anymore, I don't want that .net bloatware in my computer.

Suddenly, I needed to reinstall windows and now I can't find any older version, which worked without .net (some 5.5x I guess).


update: I managed to find eraser portable 5.8.8 from portableapps, which is working fine, without shell integration though, so official mirror for this old version would be great :wink:
Get it from the project SourceForge page. However, remember that 5.x is no longer supported.
I agree that it might be sensible to leave Eraser portable 5.8.8 on the Eraser downloads page until there is a portable version of Eraser 6. It would need to have the health warning about support, but that might in itself be no bad thing.

But it does worry me that people some refuse to use Eraser just because it uses .NET as its runtime. Like everything else, .NET has changed an developed over time. And so many applications already use it (some without fully acknowledging that they do so) that there's a pretty good chance it will already be installed, so Eraser will not then add to the supposed 'bloat'. In short, Eraser needs to be judged by how well it does its job (including how it is actually using system resources as it does so), rather than by general (and in the case of the OP on this thread, explicitly untested) opinions about individual components of the app.