whats the best


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Hi, i just found eraser and installed it, but the gutmann eraser method takes two long what is the next best method that comes with eraser and is under 10 overwrites
Hi fredted40x

Unless a three letter agency is after you the pseudorandom single overwrite pattern will suffice. If you are really nervous then run it twice.

I have personally never heard of anyone recovering data from a modern hard drive that has had a single random overwrite performed on it. You however may be better informed.
whats the best erase method out of the 2,

dont worry, its nothing illegal i just want to erase some account details i stored on a hard drive.

I believe pseudorandom is the best, but others may have a different opinion.

Honestly though fredted40x, a single pass will probably be good enough for you.

Have you found any evidence that a single pseudorandom pass is not sufficient ? Is there any forensic documentation you have found that proves it is possible to recover overwritten data from a “modern” hard drive after a single pseudorandom pass ?

I am not having a go at you here I just want to know if you know something we don’t.

no its cool, i just like to be sure it is def not recoverable so will probably go with pseudorandom

thanks for your help
You’re welcome. :)

If you are really worried then do a pseudorandom wipe twice but I think you will be ok.

Good luck and thanks for trusting Eraser to securely wipe your data.