When to defragment ?


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Hello to anybody adequately informed on this;

I've read bits and pieces on when to defragment for best results when using Eraser, but it appears many pieces of advice are conflicting.

Is there a definitive answer? Indeed is it different when erasing 'files' rather than 'unused disk space'?

Further, does it differ based on which Eraser version we are using?
I don't really have any idea which Eraser version is 'best' to use, but I'm loosely thinking of using version 5.8.8 beta1 then, having uninstalled it, installing version 6 rc5 and running the processes all over again for good measure.
(Depending on any advice I get regarding when to defragment, that usage of 6 rc5 may presumably require an interlude of a few days of pc usage(=disk fragmentation) to have passed since the previous Eraser runs).

In case relevant to me specifically, I have both XP and Vista Home Premium on different computers. Both 32 bit versions.

Many thanks,