Where can I DL the latest non-dot.net version of Eraser


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Dear Friends,

I am running Eraser 5.82. I downloaded eraser 6.0.7 (three times the size of 5.82), and find that it requires yet another 50 MB of support files, in the form of the MS dot net framework.

Is 5.82 the latest version of eraser that was written in c, not c.net? Where can I find the latest stable version 5?

I wish you would include that version on your downloads page.

To rant a bit: MS’s avowed plan is to have a version of Windows running on every small computer in the world. The .net framework (and IE 8, Windows net mail, etc.) is, IMO, part of that grand scheme. It all reminds me of the goals that Mr. A. Schikelgruber spelled out in “Mein Kampf.” I previously downloaded .net 3.5, and found that many of my favorite GNU applications written for .net 2.0 quit working. For that reason, and because I dislike 50+mb downloads of bloatware, and because I generally distrust MS, I uninstalled 3.5.

Oh yes: I’m running Win XP (downgraded from Vista Ultimate, which w as an unmitigated disaster).

I appreciate your efforts in creating and maintaining this excellent application. I’m just sorry that you’ve migrated to .net. And once there, you’ll probably never return...