Where Is The Help PDF?


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I have downloaded 5.8.8 Portable. It has 3 separate executables. No documentation. So I came looking for some before running any of these 3 executables. Reasonable?

Bounced around sourceforge. nothing.
Came to heidi. Nothing in the downloads.
Came to the forums... went to FAQ. Nothing... but a bit at the end of the FAQ instructing me to (underlined as if it is either a hyperlink to... or very important point... or both):

" please read Eraser Help, which is in the form of a PDF manual."

Where, oh where?

Well, I went ahead and ran the 3 pronged situation in a sandbox and figured out all the necessary stuff that needs to be turned off, adjusted, etc. So, i don't need the manual so much any longer...

But I do recommend that you either attach the (it exists) manual (pdf or whatever format) to the the "portable" set. It can't be that big of a file that it'd be a difference-maker where the weight of the "portable" is concerned; and it would be useful to have it for people new to the application.

Or at least make the thing easy to find here or at sourceforge or something. ;)
Haha, I don't think I have the 5.8 (.hlp?) file any more. It's been that long. Sorry.