Where to delete file


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Dear Support,

I just want to make sure that in normal situation, should I delete file into recycle bin, and user Eraser to permanent delete those inside Recycle bin (Select option to erase recycle bin)? There are options to select "unused Space" and "specific directory", what is the difference?

Eraser has 4 man erasing options:

  1. to erase a specific file or files in a folder;
  2. to erase all the contents of the folder and (optionally) the folder itself;
  3. to erase the contents of the Recycle Bin;
  4. to erase (though for this I prefer to use the term 'wipe') all the free space on the disk, that is the space marked in the Master File Table as not belonging to any non-deleted file.
You can have any number or mix of these within a single erasing Task (though it doesn't make sense to try to erase any item more than once!).

Not that 4. above does not include 3.; files in the Recycle Bin are not marked as deleted until the Bin has been emptied.

It's really your choice as to whether you erase files directly (e.g. from the context menu) or put them in the Recycle Bin and erase the contents of that; the end result is the same. The first method is quicker, while the second allows a step-by-step approach so that you can check what you are doing. Use the one you are most comfortable with.