Which Eraser to download?


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I want to download the stable 5.8.6a version of Eraser. What is the difference between the (x86) and (x64)? I have Windows XP SP2 on my computer. Which should I download?
It depends on whether you have the normal 32 bit version of Windows, or the snazzy 64 bit version (which you would only have if you have up-to-the-minute 64 bit hardware). X86 is the normal 32 bit hardware such as Pentium dual-core, Celeron etc.

Right-click on "My computer" and select properties. The page displayed will tell you the version of windows you have - I must admit I've never seen a 64 bit version, but I'm assuming it would tell you there if you were running the 64 bit version of Windows.

If in doubt, use the 32 bit X86 version.