Which MS dll's does Eraser need?

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Hello, and thank you all for this excellent tool!

I'm running on XP SP2. Aside from erasing obsolete or sensitive data, I also like to keep my system "clean" by deleting unnecessary files.
As you know, over time one accumulates multiple versions of the various MS Foundation Classes and C and C++ runtime dll's.
I deleted several of these that seemed unnecessary. All of my programs and system are working fine, with the exception of Eraser.
Could you please tell me which of the mfc***.dll and msvc***.dll, and/or msvcp***.dll are used by Eraser? Then I can replace them in Win\system32.
If I were to upgrade versions, would this change?
TIA for any help.

Also, I do believe in supporting freeware that proves itself, as Eraser has. As you appear to be UK-based, is there a way to donate a (small) cheque in USDollars without either of us being charged a relatively high fee for currency conversion? I prefer not to use PayPal for numerous reasons not relevant here.

Again, thank you for your time and effort.
As a general rule you shouldn't be deleting system DLLs. Eraser 5.86 needs the Visual C++ 2008 (RTM) DLLs; v6 needs the Visual C++ 2008 (SP1) DLLs; future releases of Eraser may change and use the SP1 DLLs instead.

As for donations I really have no idea since it's something Garrett has set up and he's in charge of it... Garrett?

Joel, thanks for your time and reply. I am aware of the risks involved. I've trimmed XP from 4+ GB to about 350 MB, and the entire HDD to < 1 GB, and I enjoy the performance boost, fast backups and searches, etc. The risk is mine, but I appreciate your concern.

This is a 2005 machine, and the *latest* versions of these dll's, in either system32 or Windows\WinSxs, are all dated no later than 2006 (the "80" series, e. g., msvcr80.dll). Eraser worked fine with these and the older ones before I changed anything, so it must be OK with pre-2008 versions. I was hoping that you could give me the specific file names it accesses, e. g., msvcr71.dll or msvcr70 or 60 or 80 or whatever., plus msvcp* and, if needed, mfc*. Surely it's in the code somewhere, which libraries it calls? If it's too much trouble, I'll go by trial and error. Many thanks in any event!

for future releases,

The reason why I gave the long list is because there are no less than 3 versions of the aforementioned files and placing these files in System32 will lead to an inability to load Eraser (Windows will report Application Configuration Incorrect) because these are meant to be stored in WinSxS

Joel, thanks very much. As mentioned, I've never had a file higher than 80, and Eraser worked fine. So I guess I'll just keep the 80s. I understand about SxS -- that's where the 80s were. (Being an older machine, system32 had versions in the 60 and 70's, and a couple in the 40s). Thanks again for your time and trouble.