Which options are selected when using autonuke ?


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we have a company policy that we have to follow when we dispose of old computers. Part of this process is to use DBAN to erase the hard drives. I have approximately 30 PCs that I already erased using the autonuke option. Problem is, I just received the official settings that need to be used with DBAN. I just want to check if the settings I have to follow are the same as using autonuke. Anyone knows ?
Open the A:\SYSLINUX.CFG file with WordPad and search for "LABEL autonuke".

The autonuke label may change between releases.
The only info i have is :

LABEL autonuke
KERNEL kernel.bzi
APPEND initrd=initrd.gz root=/dev/ram0 init=/rc quiet nuke="dwipe --autonuke"

It doesn't tell much. The only way I was able to see what the autonuke does is by looking at the old log files I had stored on my diskette. Looks like it uses the dod522022m method with only one round. The company policy just changed to 3 rounds with PRNG stream wipe. Looks like I'll have to rewipe all 30 of them... :cry: