Which version for OS XP w/SP2?


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Which version of Eraser should I use? I Have XP with SP2 and it is so old Windows doesn't allow me to install SP3.
Windows should allow you to install SP3 no matter how old.

You can use any version you like -- nightly/beta/stable depending on your appetite for new features vs. program stability.
1. Are you saying that XP with SP2 would be compatible with Eraser6.07? Your instructions say to use it with XP SP3 or higher.

2. The old computer I wish to use this on is no longer connected to the internet. Would it work to download Eraser 6.0.7 to my new computer and then copy it over to the old computer? Should it run properly if I do it that way?

Theoretically it should be compatible. However, I've not tested it on that platform.
Joel, how about the second question? Can I download Eraser to my newcomputer, use a flash drive to copy it, and then install it on the old computer? My old computer is no longer connected to the internet.
Yes, that should be a non-issue.