Why do I not regain hard disk space after erasing files?


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This has happened a few times when deleting files. They are usually 4gb or larger files and when i delete them using eraser, i don't regain the space. I was hoping to get some help or a solution to this problem. thanks in advance!
So I'm having the same issue. I've been reading the other postings and didn't realize we shouldn't just right click and erase unused space. So being the newbie I am, i went and did it and the program error-ed out. Lost a bunch of space and can't find this ERSFWD file. How do I recover? and what's the proper way for wiping unused space?

What file system are you using? What version of Windows?
Can you go to Computer, Right click on C:, Properties, Tools, Check Now. Check Fix File System Errors and run. Reboot your computer -- see if the disk space is restored.
zesser42crl said:
I'm having the same exact problem. Except I'm using Windows Vista.
The advice is the same. Did you try the fix?