Why eraser leaves so many 0kb files ?


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Ok don't shoot me down if this is a noob question but why does eraser have to erase free space with zillions of 0kb files ? I used to use Window Washer's free space cleaner and it left no files behind. With Eraser, you get hundreds of thousands of randomly named 0kb files after the free space erase. This can cause such a headache if you were to try recovering a file you deleted through normal deletion. Sure Recuva skips those random files and don't spend hours on trying to list them but other recovery software out there like RecoverMyFiles spends quite a long time trying to list those 0kb random files. Why doesn't Eraser erase the freespace thru sector-by-sector overwriting vs. filling the drive with so many 0kb files ?
Did you interrupt Eraser before it was finished, Eraser removes all of the 0kb files it creates at the very end of its free space wipe. To erase all those 0kb files simplely re run Eraser and let it run all the way to the end, the default setting is to give you a report or you can re configure Eraser not to give you a report ether way Eraser will stop by itself.
Carver, I don't think you understand my question very well... I don't have any files left over when eraser is done... and yes Eraser completes perfectly well. My trouble is remnants of that final deletion Eraser does to those 0kb files at the end of its process, which you only see when you try using a recovery program besides Recuva to recover something you really need that was not shredded by Eraser.
The 0kb files are to overwrite old file names, so that when recovery programs are run even the file names are erased, not just the file contents. File contents are erased by filling the drive with large files.