Why is the erased area not as large as my free space?


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Hello all,

I checked the FAQ before posting this and I also read through many of the thread titles so if this has previously been asked I apologize.

I've used Eraser for years but until recently I didn't pay much attention to the details. This time I read the statistics for Eraser after using it. Eraser said the "Erased area = 25942672 kB." I checked my hard drive and it listed the size of the "Free space" as 26,482,044,928 bytes. If I'm correct there are roughly 539,372,928 bytes unaccounted for. That's around 500 MB.

Is this normal? I disabled System Restore and the paging file before running Eraser so I don't know how to account for the extra 500 MB.

Any help is appreciated.
So, Eraser is erasing more than your free space?

That should be normal, because IIRC (you're using Eraser 5, which I've not maintained for more than a year) the cluster tips are also factored into calculation. I did a bit of arithmetic, and you should divide your bytes by 1024 to get a KiB value (vs. kb, which is a misnomer under Windows) and the discrepancy is 81900kb, which can be accounted for by cluster tips (on average, a file will have around 2kb of cluster tips, give or take since the cluster size is 4kb and you have a decently large population of files)