Why tries Eraser constantly to contact internet?


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my firewall commodo shows that after erasing the Eraser tries to go to the internet. When i block this then the Eraser crashes after 3-4 files. Is he sending the list of erased files to you? If not how can i block this within eraser? I cant see it in the options.
Thanks for your help.
Eraser doesn't connect to the internet except to check for updates. Even so, it is only when requested in the Check for Updates button. I don't know why Comodo is saying thus: have you checked your computer for other forms of malware?
Every time i delete something, Eraser tries to connect:

24.01.2010 20:41:07 Blocked 10 Outgoing TCP crl.certum.pl [] 00-04-0E-A0-FC-79 80 00-1D-7D-03-A0-47 52851 C:\Program Files\Eraser\Eraser.exe USER PC Default 2 24.01.2010 20:40:57 24.01.2010 20:41:03 Allow applications

24.01.2010 20:41:07 Blocked 10 Outgoing TCP ocsp.certum.pl [] 00-04-0E-A0-FC-79 80 00-1D-7D-03-A0-47 52850 C:\Program Files\Eraser\Eraser.exe USER PC Default 3 24.01.2010 20:40:52 24.01.2010 20:40:57 Allow applications

After these connection are blocked, Eraser hangs for some seconds (15-20) and then the delete taks were added.
I don't know why the connect to this http://whois.net/whois/certum.pl is nesseccary.
Oh, that's to verify authenticode certificates from plugins. It's not something we do explicitly, rather we verify this code via Windows and Windows is the one that will connect to the internet for certificate authentication. This code is there to ensure that plugins on your computer come from a trusted source and that malicious code not be introduced on your system (using Eraser as a vector) unless manual approval is provided.
I have exactly the same problem. When I delete a file
via Windows's rightclick context menu my firewall
notifies me that Eraser tries to connect to the internet.

Even worse, Eraser then crashes... I guess because
my firewall blocks this internet connection.
It does not crash when I allow internet connection.
This behaviour is built into Windows and there's nothing we can really do about it. Not unless someone can suggest an idea for me.
In these circumstances, the only sensible thing to do is to create an exception for the firewall. Most security apps keep logs of actions taken; if there is a log entry that defines what was blocked (it may be the Windows process rather than Eraser per se), that may help to define the exception correctly.