Will My MSWord and Excel Files be Erased?


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I’ve read the forum postings until my eyes are crossed, but I’m still not sure about the answer to my simple problem: I want to be sure that, if I give my computer away, the average criminal will not be able to access certain Microsoft Excel and Word Files. I don’t care if only the file names are still recoverable, or if the CIA, FBI or KBG can use extraordinary techniques to recover the data. I just want to be sure that someone can’t use readily available file-recovery software to recover the data. I have modified these files many times. I think I understand that there now may be many “ghost” or backup copies of these files on the hard drive.

If I use the “Freespace Erase” option, will these invisible backups also be erased? My concern stems from the Eraser FAQ section which states: “If you are using ---- products like MsWord, no Eraser type application will guarantee the data is wiped.”
The files could still be recoverable. If you want to give away your computer then a better option, if possible, is to wipe the hard drive using the DBAN program.

Of course this means you need to be able to reinstall the Operating System (Windows XP etc), so for that you'd need the reintsllation CD. Eraser can never fully remove everything you have there. Nor can DBAN but the latter makes removal more likely.
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