Will this erase a hidden security program?



I have a laptop with computrace installed on it. Now before I sell it I want to erase the hard drive. My question is if you read the FAQ's on computrace they claim that this program will still remain on the drive even if the drive is erased. Will this program delete computrace from my drive?
Here is the FAQ's from the site

Q. Can ComputracePlus be detected?
A. On most PCs, the Computrace Agent, which powers ComputracePlus, is silent and invisible and will not be detected by looking at the disk directory or running a utility that examines RAM. On many PCs – depending on their operating system – the Agent cannot be erased off the hard drive by deleting files because it is not visible in file directories. The Agent can survive a hard drive re-format, F-disk command and hard drive re-partitioning.

Anyone have an idea if this can be detected and deleted with eraser?
We haven't tested this but I would say that the Darik Boot & Nuke option that comes with Eraser should erase Computrace.

Eraser as you know, does much more that a reformat, or delete so I reckon it should obliterate Computrace.
Thank you

I will give it a try and post back with my results. Thank you very much for the input.