Win10 Update KB308144 Failure


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Hi all. New member.

This is an FYI to the development team (and anyone else interested).

I installed Eraser v6.2.0.2969 on a new upgrade/installation of Windows 10. All went well. Erased selected files and folders from the right mouse button from within WinExplorer.

MS sent the referenced KB update last night after which Win10 wouldn't load. After some startup mouse clicks, I got Win10 to load and it reported the KB was not successful.

I un-installed Eraser and retried the KB. The KB installed just fine. There were minimal, if any, changes/installations-of-apps in Win10 over the period of this report. (Eraser was the only new change to the machine which is why I suspected it may be part of the cause of the KB load failure.) My machine is an i5 w 6B RAM and ton's of disks and disk space. (In fact, the file/directory erasing took place on an external drive.) The machine was upgraded to Win10 from Win7 within the past few weeks.

Am less interested in re-installing Eraser now, but wanted to pass this along to the developer team.


Can you try installing the latest version .2970, I have it running here on a Win10 machine with all the latest patches and all working.

Thnx for your post. I've installed .2970 and all is going well so far. Have deleted a test file on an external drive from the right mouse menu and all looked ok. The Eraser version was run on Win10 with KB3081455 installed (keep reading for detail).

FYI...I think the KB error which started this thread may have been caused my MicroSoft. Why? MS pushed down more updates in the past few days....updates which created the same type of reboot failure I saw in KB3081444, the cause of this thread (the thread title is missing a 4 in the KB number).

Specifically, MS blasted some updates including KB3081455. This one, like KB3081444, is an accumulative update. KB3081455 did not install and created a reboot problem similar to KB3081444. Automated fixes w/in Win10 didn't help, reporting that it wasn't fixable.

After a Win10 restore and some digging around various forums, the recommended solution was to 1) uninstall updates KB3081444 (the cause of this thread), KB3074678 and KB3087916, 2) reboot, 3) check for updates, 4) install any available updates identified and 5) reboot. After this process, Win10 correctly installed updates KB3074678, KB3087916 and KB3081455 (the one which failed w/in the past few days just like KB3081444 a few weeks ago). Win10 did NOT reinstall KB3081444, the update which was the cause of this thread.

Clearly the Win10 update procedure is a work in process. I wouldn't be surprised to see more Win10 update issues in the weeks/months ahead. Accordingly, I hope a bunch of time wasn't put into .2970 to fix a problem NOT caused by Eraser....hopefully there were some other maintenance issues in the release.

I'll post if I see anything funky with .2970.

Many thanks for your time and attention.