Win2K probs after erasing unused diskspace! Help please!

The Fonz

New Member
Hi I´m a new user of Eraser 3.5. After erasing unused diskspace I have the
following probs using Win2K internal Appz:
If I open IE and make a right klick, the Browser hangs and I must
close it via Taskmanager!
If I make a right click on Win2K desktop, Win2K hangs and I must
to reboot the computer.
If i use Win2K File-Explorer and try to place a Folder on a nother place (drag&drop), the system hangs and I must cose it via Taskmanager!

All this only happens when I´m logged on as a normal user.
When I log on as Administrator, everything is allright!!!

What´s wrong and how can I terminate the prob:?: :?: :?:
Please please help!!
1. Get latest version of eraser.
2. under eraser preferences turn off entropy polling.