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Windows 7 64 Bit


Script error message


The current build runs a logon script at each boot. The script seems to call the HIDE vbscript function which hangs the script and raises an "unsupported method" error message each and every time.

Small but annoying.


Can you include a screenshot? Eraser does not include a logon script and doesn't use VBScript.
sorry about the delay.

As requested I have attached a screen shot.

Please let me know if I can help in any other way.

Also, I really miss the ability to ceate my own eraser data masks ie i use a lot of virtual machine images and would use eraser of write a zero mask to the empty area of the disk to allow the image to shrink. This really works and can reduce a virtual drive by over 50% in size when compressed.




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This is really one for Joel, but he has other commitments and hasn't posted to the forum for a while.

The screenshot could as well be a command prompt action or shell script as VBScript. What is the command line for Eraser on startup (you can get this through msconfig.exe)?

Another thought. Did you by any chance install Eraser 6 over Eraser 5?

Thanks, Sean.

The value in question is in the Registry key


There is an entry for Eraser on my machine (also Windows 7 x64), the value for which is

"C:\PROGRA~1\Eraser\Eraser.exe" /atRestart

If your corresponding value is really '... -atRestart', the obvious first step is to change the hyphen to a forward slash, and see if that makes a difference. If that is indeed the problem, I cannot begin to guess how it arose in the first place.

LOL !!!

Cheers Dave, but I've got 2 errors !! Wasn't that, its seem that Win7 64bit is the dash and not switch.

Screenshot attached.

Anyone else?



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All I can think is that something weird happened when Eraser was installed. That can be a persistent pain, because faulty installations can block attempts to install correctly.

I suggest that you uninstall Eraser, and use whatever skills you have with Registry cleaners and the Registry Editor to remove any references to Eraser you find (and particularly any startup entries). Then reinstall Eraser, and see if it then works.

I'm getting the same error message and I'm also on a win7 64bit box.

I was running v5, and I uninstalled and scrubbed the registry. No "-hello" box at login. However, the other account on my box (wife's), which is set as a standard user and not administer, keeps getting the "-hello" no matter what I try. Uninstall, scrub, scrub, scrub, verify anything resembling the words "eraser" is deleted from the file system and registry, reinstall, no "-hello" for me but yes "-hello" for the wife.

Any ideas?

Hate to go back to using v5, but this is seriously annoying.
The nearest we seem to have got to this is that, at least on some occasions, something seems to be left behind by the Eraser 5 uninstall. Otherwise, it's a mystery. The best I can suggest is Uninstall Eraser 6 - scrub - Install Eraser 5.88 - Uninstall - scrub - Reinstall Eraser 6. As Eraser 5 and Eraser 6 use different installers, that might just make a difference.

Delete all Eraser-related values in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. Repair the Eraser install afterwards.