Window 3.11 Computer


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Does Eraser 5.7 work on a Window 3.11 system? If not, is there anything else that does?
I am a computer novice and have a 1995 computer that needs to be trashed or recycled. Thanks.
The operating system is Windows 3.11 which is the operating system that came before Windows 95.

I noticed that information about Eraser 5.7 says it works for Windows 95 and then other operating systems that are more recent than Windows 95, so I thought that perhaps 5.7 Eraser does not work for computer with a Window 3.11 operating system.
We do have a dos command line erase version but if you still have the install disks why not wipe the whole drive and reinstall?
I've just seen the computer, which is at my 92-year old mother's house. Earlier someone had installed Window 98 on the computer, so the system is no longer Windows 3.11. Thanks for the earlier advice, but I guess I will be able to use the 5.7 version of Eraser.
I'd never thought I'd be young enough to hear of such an anecdote :O

(yes I know what 3.11 is. so maybe I'm not that young anymore)