"Window 98se question" crashed need to start with


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Windows 98se will not boot up it has lost most of the setup files. Now when I good to reboot I can't get past A:\ fdisk then it runs til I have to reboot. Goes back to A:\. More problem than I can fix in the C: files. No vxd's, vmm, shell vxd, vwin32. All corrupt.
question here is what do I have to have to get system restarted with Win98. I have Windows 98 SE Disk, boot disk, ATAPI cd-rom device driver disk. The rest is history. And how do I reboot after I erase dos.
Hope you can tell me all of this without taking to much of your time. I have been working on this system for a week reading and searching. This is the last straw. Thanks for you time. :cry: